A Dual-guide RNA Treatment for Herpes 1&2

Excision BioTherapeutics’ EBT-104 program is a dual-guide RNA therapeutic treatment for patients with herpes simplex viruses (HSV 1&2). EBT-104 targets herpes virus-infected cells in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) ganglia.

Our Pipeline



HSV AAV CRISPR/Cas dual gRNA Therapeutic

Discovery/Validation Preclinical Cleared IND Clinical Trials
Discovery/Validation Phase complete
Preclinical Phase in progress
Cleared IND Phase not started
Clinical Trials Phase not started

$100 Billion Market Opportunity


~157 million HSV-1 cases,

~39 million HSV-2 cases in U.S.1

~3.7 billion HSV-1 cases,

~492 million HSV-2 cases worldwide2

Target Population

Recurrent Infection

Standard of Care

Antivirals (non-curative)

1) NCHS Data Brief No. 304, February 2018.; 2) WHO 2020

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Our cutting-edge CRISPR gene therapy platform is built on technology licensed from the Doudna Lab at UC Berkeley and the Khalili Lab at Temple University.

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